November 24th 2014 | Vienna | Austria

Innovation is a laboratory for applied creativity where development of innovative projects and exploration of new directions in different disciplines are dynamically perceived. Innovation enables a more conscious perception of place and its characteristics; it is an experimental space in which design methods can be used to examine and interrogate ideas, forms, structures, dreams and visions. Innovation is about transgressing boundaries of multiple disciplines in view of developing novelties or improving existing offerings, methods and processes while taking into account numerous dimensions and angles. It is also about opening new perspectives on the world of tomorrow. Innovation is also a state of mind, which has to be nurtured and cultivated. The successful ability to innovate requires a multidisciplinary attitude towards understanding, designing and implementing an overarching innovation strategy. 


This one-day workshop taking place simultaneously aims at:

  • gathering a mixed audience of innovation professionals

  • celebrating the first year of the “Journal of Innovation Management”

It addresses a wide audience involved in innovation and aims at bringing together international academics, professional associations, policy makers, thought leaders and practitioners, to discuss the various challenges linked to innovation. 

Important dates

  • Submission of the outline: 30th September 2014 15th October 2014

  • Final registration AND payment: 15th November 2014

  • Full submission and slides: 15th November 2014


The topics to be addressed during the workshop, cover a wide spectrum both of different forms of innovation (product, service, process, organizational, marketing) and disciplinary perspective (business and economics, social sciences, engineering, information science) reflecting the multidisciplinary facet of innovation.

Registration Fee
Participation to the workshop with lunch, coffee breaks and gala dinner: € 200 (excluding taxes) 


This event will gather a mixed audience of academics from many disciplinary lines, thought leaders, practitioners, policy makers etc. will also offer various keynote speeches, parallel sessions, discussion panels, and interactive sessions on different themes on innovation management, both from a practitioner and an academic point of view. It will provide excellent opportunities to discuss and share experiences with academics, practitioners and policymakers, together with a taste of the international

character of Vienna. “The City of Music” was ranked 1st globally for its culture of innovation in 2007 and 2008, and

5th globally in the 2011 Innovation Cities Index.

Venue: Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Wiedner Hauptstraße 63

1045 Wien 


Workshop Chairs:

Anne-Laure Mention (LU) Marko Torkkeli (FI)
João José Pinto Ferreira (PT 

Local Co-Organiser Michael Dell (AT) Experts-Group Innovation